First Dance

Well, we made up some moves… we practiced a little… I guess we were too self-conscious to grab a music player and go find some open space to really really practice though. And we were too busy in the week leading up to the wedding to even get a quick refresher in, all we did was during the actual reception dinner we had a whispered conversation where we reviewed the order or the steps.

We had sort of agreed to just sway at the beginning rather than doing the waltz 3-step, and in the video it looks a bit silly. Actually it kinda fits what we were going for, which was to look like noobs at the opening and then start doing cool stuff later in the dance. The viennese (the part where we go in a circle) was a bit of a mess, and definitely suffered the most from lack of practice. But we managed to keep going in some form or another. The lift at the end was a major victory, I had major concerns about my dress falling apart…

All in all it was fun, but I wish we could have looked even more suave.


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