Moving day

Long day, made manageable barely by Pradeep and Dave being superhuman and amazing. I managed to snap some pics after Pradeep had to leave…

Loki was pretty exhausted from constantly running in and out as we moved things.

That refrigerator (dubbed “The Behemoth”) was the toughest to move. Unfortunately, it picked up some ugly scratches and scrapes. It already had some dings since it was an outlet buy, so we aren’t too upset. It fits perfectly in the space though!

The dining table is a bit too big for the space, so we’re going to see about putting in built-in benches along the wall so it can cozy up more tightly and leave room to walk by. Mainly I included this picture because of the awesome camera flash effect on Loki’s eyes.

We had originally bought this inexpensive rug for the dining room in the place we were renting. It didn’t look very good though, and with a new puppy needing potty training, we just rolled it up and never looked at it again. I had been planning to sell it on Craigslist, but we unrolled it to see what size rug we’d want to get for the living room. It turns out that I like it a whole lot exactly as it is. Yay. It’s sisal so it should hold up pretty well… The picture doesn’t really do it justice.


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