New Roof

After pretty much a month of nonstop rain, the forecast finally called for some gorgeous sunshine. The roofers wasted no time. Monday morning they arrived and stampeded all over the roof, thoroughly freaking Loki out.

They were amazingly efficient.

Here’s how it looked at the end of Monday. Nothing but bare boards:

Tuesday dawned with the roofers telling us there was a bit more dry rot than expected, but not too bad. By the end of day two, the front of the house was more or less done:

And everything was finished by the time we got home on Wednesday. (Though I kept forgetting to get a picture in the morning when the light was at its best. And it’s cloudy today. Boo.)

We changed the color a bit, going for what I guess is called “white”, though it ends up looking light gray. The original roof was brown. Our neighbors are in the midst of getting their exterior painted, (going from a yellowish brown to a pinkish brown…) and their contractor offered to give us a quote on a paint job. I don’t think it’s high enough on the priority list for us to do this year, and I’d lean towards doing it ourselves, but I guess we’ll see.


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