Up on the Roof

We’re gearing up to add solar panels to our lovely new roof. Dave isn’t a very trusting soul so I guess he wanted to do some light-sensoring (not a technical term) himself. Actually, the device he used is a camera with a fish-eye lens, GPS, and some nifty software to calculate how much sun you should expect to get at a given sport throughout the year. Cool. Anyway, Sunday was clear and sunny, so a good day for such things…


Despite spending much of my youth sleeping in a loft bed, I’m a bit of a wimp about heights. Unless someone is watching me of course, in which case I am SUPER ADVENTUROUS.  Dave wasn’t really paying that much attention to me so there was no need to act brave, but I still managed to creep up the ladder far enough to snap a pic of him in action. This shot also  shows why the roofer says our shingle color is “white”.

And here is a shot from the back of the house, showing how the big tree in our back yard is attacking the corner of our roof… for about 5 more minutes after this picture was taken, at which time Dave took some shears to the easily reachable branches. We’re probably going to have to do some more extreme trimming in the near future though.


This also gives you a glimpse of my nemesis the patio cover that I’m hoping to tear down before too long…


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  1. You are so lucky to have a white shingle. They are excellent for keeping the inside of your house cool! I’m so jealous.

    • They ended up being a little more expensive, but compared to the total cost of replacing the roof (eeek) it wasn’t very much more. Hopefully we’ll be reaping the rewards this summer!

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