Just another Loki post

While we theorize that Loki is a corgi/border collie mix, we won’t be 100% sure unless we give in to our curiosity and send off his DNA to get tested, which may never happen. One thing is for sure though, he has different length fur in odd places. Most noticeable is his tail, which has some super-long strands interspersed with short strands all along its length.

And this just in from Obvious News headquarters: it’s really hard to get a good picture of a dog’s tail, those thing never hold still!

Another place with longer fur–behind his ears–is pretty characteristic for that border collie look. I noticed the other day that the fur there was looking a bit matted… oops… We don’t really brush him ever, because it hasn’t really been an issue in the past. Anyway, I attacked the poor guy with a comb (luckily he’s used to people playing with his ears) and cut off one hopeless tangle; the rest was actually salvageable.

Much better. He’s still not really a match for the full-blood border collies or australian shepherds when it comes to ear tufts though. I think he lacks the poofy undercoat, which is why we can get away with barely ever brushing him. He looks pretty silly with those super-short legs though. No border collie can compete with him there. 🙂


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  1. I can’t wait for the dogs to meet. I can only assume hilarity will ensue.

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