Shower heads (easiest upgrade ever!)

Our itty bitty little shower in the master bathroom had a problem: an awkward handheld shower head that didn’t really fit. Oh, and it was super old, and if you adjusted it the wrong way it would start shooting water up against the unprotected back wall. ugh.

Since we aren’t trying to win any beauty contests, we just replaced it with the least expensive shower head we could fine. And it works great. Yay. (Sorry for the bad photos.)

Meanwhile, the hall bath had the opposite problem. It had a fixed shower head that barely managed to produce more than a trickle of water. Clearly I was so glad to be rid of it that I forgot to take a before picture. But once again we just bought the least expensive handheld we could find…

It’s a little funny looking:

But it serves it’s primary purpose–dog washing–perfectly!


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