Pregnancy Photo Shoot

My official due date was two days ago, but I’ve been assuming all along that I’d see it come and go with no baby. So I figured a good way to keep me from feeling too bummed would be to go out and take a bunch of pictures of my round self. I felt a bit weird getting pictures taken while attempting to lovingly caress my belly, but it was a fun afternoon distraction. What follows are a handful of my favorite pictures, though we took over 100 and narrowed it down to 30ish that we both liked. You don’t have to read the rest of the text for this post, it’s mostly just there to separate out to pictures a bit. 🙂

Pregnant yellow flowers

It was a good day for outdoor photography, cloudy but not cold, and just a little windy, which occasionally did weird things to my hair and my skirt. Ah well.

Pregnanct trees

Dave enjoyed it because I think it’s been quite a while since he’s really had the time to take some artsy shots. I think he took a little while to get comfortable taking tons of photos, considering I think back when he took Photography in high school they had to develop their film themselves, so a ton of photos would probably be annoying to deal with. Ah… technology!

Pregnant daisies

Unfortunately Dave is not so good with getting humans to pose and fixing their clothing and such. I guess I have high standards after many years of ballet photo shoots. It’s pretty hard to evaluate myself when I’m attempting to pose though, so a lot of pictures got rejected because my hair was doing a weird bump thing or my bra line was showing or whatever.

Pregnant wisteria

The park we went to is 5 minutes from our house and not particularly picturesque or anything. This just happens to be a good time of year for random flowers and greenery I think. The yellow flowers in the first picture above are actually just a huge shoulder-height patch of weeds that happened to be flowering this week. The wisteria in these last few pictures was a totally lucky find, it was growing over the fence of a private residence bordering the park. I hadn’t even realized that wisteria was in bloom yet.

Pregnancy Loki 1

Yes, we got a few pictures with Loki too.

Pregnancy Loki 2

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with these or the 30-odd other pictures I saved, I don’t particularly feel the urge to get an album printed or anything, especially since I’ve only bothered to post-process these 6 so far. I guess I could at least load them all to a Facebook photo album or something.

P.S. Mom- if you want any of these, I have higher-res versions that I can send you. 🙂


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  1. These are awesome! I’m glad your baby has come late so you had time to go out and take these. You look great and all in all i’d say Dave did a pretty awesome job!

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