Pot Roast Success!

We like to fill up the freezer with a big box o’ beef (aka a split half) that we order from a semi-local farm. I’ve gotten pretty good at cooking up the different types of steaks and finding uses for the pounds upon pounds of ground beef, but I’ve been sucking a lot with the roasts. I’m pretty sure that roasts are supposed to be easy, but I have a history of drying them out and making them inedible. I have a kick-ass beef stew recipe, so for the past year I’ve been cutting roasts up and making stew out of them. Cutting 3+ pounds of beef into bite-sized chunks gets old pretty fast though, and I don’t really like stew in the summer, so I decided to buckle down and figure out how to make a good roast. And to make my life easier, I got an awesome new enameled cast iron dutch oven. Behold:

Dutch Oven

I already have a slow cooker and a big oven-safe pot that probably could have handled a pot roast, but the dutch oven worked great and was super easy to clean.

I used this recipe, which is both an entertaining read and very satisfying because I almost always have all those ingredients on hand. Carrots, onions, and celery (not in the recipe, but I felt safe adding celery) last forever so I almost always have some lying around.  I make beef stock in large quantities and freeze it into ice cubes:

Beef Stock Ice Cubes

But we pretty much always have a few bottles of cheap wine, so I used that to deglaze the pot after browning the meat. And then I added more wine, and only then did I throw a bunch of beef stock ice cubes into the pot. And for the herbs I can just walk out the back door to get some fresh rosemary and thyme! Yaaaay. Oh and I used butter instead of olive oil. (of course!!)

I especially like how much wiggle room there is with the cooking times, because I managed to prep this and get it into the oven with frequent interruptions from a fussy baby. She mostly gets to sit and watch me attempt to cook like so:

Bored Baby

And I take breaks from cooking to round up all of the toys she threw on the floor and put them back on her tray. And then the cycle repeats itself. 🙂

Now I just need to find some more things to cook with my awesome dutch oven. In the meantime it gets to sit on the shelf in the kitchen and look glamorous.

Pot on Shelf


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