Pikachu Costume Complete

I blogged earlier this month about how I was in the midst of sewing a Halloween costume for Dakota. To recap: I decided on making a pikachu costume by modifying a Simplicity costume sewing pattern. I was able to sew the body of the costume out of yellow fleece by just following the pattern instructions, so what was left was to modify the ears and add a face, tail, and back stripes. Modifying the ears was pretty straightforward:

ear pattern piece

I just drew right on the tissue paper to extend the original ears a bit. The red lines are for where I wanted to switch from yellow fabric to black.

I needed to move the ears farther back on the hood to make room for Pikachu’s face, so I pinned them on and then spent a while shifting little tissue paper circles around on the hood until I had everthing more or less where I wanted. George the stuffed animal served as my costume model:

face placement

I used the exact same fleece fabric in different colors for the eyes and cheeks, and just left the edges raw since fleece doesn’t fray. I hand sewed them (and the brown stripes for the back of the costume) in place using a running stitch in a matching color thread. This actually worked amazingly well and went pretty fast, even with my sloppy hand-sewing. You have to get your nose up close to even really see the individual stitches, and even then the unevenness doesn’t really detract in any way. And as advertised, no fraying! I may just use fleece instead of felt for future craft projects, since I’ve had bad experiences with felt coming apart when I try to sew with it. And actually I probably could have machine sewed the pieces directly on, but the pieces were so small it probably would have taken me longer to wind the bobbins and thread the machine than just sewing it by hand.

Finished pictures in a moment, but first I want to talk about the tail. After much waffling I decided to add a pipe cleaner inside for support and make it detachable from the costume. Here’s my free handed sketch that I used as a pattern:

tail pattern

And here’s the finished tail:finished tail

I machine sewed the two sides together inside out along the top, turned it right-side out and inserted the pipe cleaner and bent it in the right spots, and then hand sewed the bottom closed. In hindsight I probably should have machine sewn the whole thing right-side out and left the raw edges visible, because trying to get all those sharp corners to turn right-side out cleanly was a pain in the butt. I attached two yellow buttons to the tail, one at the top corner and one at the base, and attached two loops of yellow cord to the body of the costume.

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, the tail was a bit of a flop, literally it just flopped over to one side while attached. Ah well, I did get a few cute pictures with it on, after detaching the top button:

pikachu tail front

Oh, for the mouth I just hand-sewed using a back stitch, and then I sewed another line of back stitches right next to it to make it thicker. Anyway, here you can see the back of the costume:

tail back

And then I took the tail off and we went to various Halloween parties. 🙂

Here’s a close-up of Dakota sitting. The costume is a little large on her, especially since it was warm enough that she didn’t need to wear much underneath it:

pikachu sitting

And here she is still not quite crawling, but at least demonstrating that she has decent mobility in this thing:

pikachu crawling

In that picture you can see the little yellow cord loop where the tail was attached to her butt.

The fleece was a little warm during the day since the temperatures got up into the 70s, but she was able to wear the costume pretty comfortably for pretty long periods without complaint. I liked the way the elastic along the top of the hood worked out, it kept the hood mostly in place without really getting in her way. And in case it wasn’t already obvious, I really loved working with fleece, and I definitely plan to use it again in future projects. The tail was a little bit of a bummer, but this isn’t my first time dealing with floppy costume appendages, so I wasn’t at all surprised by the failure and I don’t think the missing tail really detracted from the overall costume much at all. Now I can’t wait for next year!


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  1. Would you sell this costume I would love it for my almost 1 year old?!!

  2. What was the Simplicity pattern you used?

  3. Hi, I was wondering where u buy the fleece

  4. Can you make me one for my nephew it’s going to be his first Halloween

  5. super cute! I’ve been searching for a pikachu costume for my nephew (he’s 2) and can’t really find anything. So I’m gonna attempt to sew one (I’ve never sew before) by learning on YouTube. Is this pattern easy enough for a beginner or am I kidding myself? Hahah also, do you think this pattern will work for his age? Any tips you can give me would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hi! As long as he’s not too tall the pattern should work just fine… You’ll probably want to cut the feet off though since I assume he can walk. Fleece doesn’t fray or anything so you wouldn’t have to hem the cuffs.

      When I first started using patterns years ago my biggest problem was deciphering all the sewing-specific lingo in the instructions. This one was pretty straightforward though, and you learn the lingo quickly just by diving right in! The only other thing I used to be scared of is zippers, this is actually one of the only times I’ve been brave enough to try one. It came out a little uneven, but looked just fine in the end. You could always buy some yellow string/ribbon and tie the front closed with a few bows if the zipper is too daunting though.

      The fleece is GREAT beginner fabric though.

  6. Wow. I just bought the exact same pattern for the same reason. I was looking at photos and stumbled on your tutorial. You are saving me a lot of headaches! My 14 year old is going as ash and my 6 month old will be pikachu. And ride in the carrier on big brother’s back. He is so excited!

  7. bsanchez316@gmail.com

    omg this is so adorable I want to dress my 6 month old in the Pikachu costume but haven’t came across any online, I wish you could sell me this or make one for him!! So cute!!

  8. Hey! I’m making this costume using your semi-tutorial. I have a question–how did you sew the ears on so they weren’t floppy?? I’m new to all of this so I’m learning as I go. And did you sew through both the outer part of the hood and the hood liner when sewing on the ears? Thank you so much! My son just turned 6 months old and this will be his first Halloween!

    • Hi! Sorry I only just saw this, hope I’m not too late to be helpful! 🙂 I didn’t do anything to make the ears not-floppy, I think the part where you fold and sew the corners together at the bottom pretty much gives them enough support to keep them straight, at least with the fleece fabric that I used. I sewed through both layers of the hood, but they did still pull and flop down a bit, so mostly they stuck out straight horizontal while my daughter was wearing it, but it was pretty cute like that. 🙂

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