Belated Holiday Decorations

Well, the holidays are wrapping up and in all the excitement I didn’t get around to posting the pictures of our decorations. So here are a few belated holiday sparkles for you.

Things weren’t very different from last year… Here’s our patio penguin still being slightly creepy:

Front Door

We did manage to procure and decorate a door wreath, so that’s nice and all:


The stockings were hung from our nonexistent mantle:


This picture was before I finished knitting Dakota’s stocking. It doesn’t match the other stockings at all, so it’s probably just as well. I did hang it up at the grandparents’:

Knit stocking

Back to MY house though, this year I grabbed a pack of sparkly snowflakes from the craft store and taped them up haphazardly all over the house, which you can see in the many-stockinged picture above, as well as the next picture below.

Carrying our advent calendar theme into the kitchen, we strung up some more twine so we could display the holiday cards we got with clothespins. I’m thinking this might actually stay up year round… We’ll see. I like keeping the front of the fridge clear of clutter, so this acts as a substitute for fridge-worthy items.

Card holders

This was actually before I put the bulk of the cards up, it’s quite full now.

And as I was taking these pictures (two weeks ago now, sigh) Dakota was just figuring out how to pull up on things, so here she is demonstrating:

Dakota Standing

Happy holidays!



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