Dakota: Ten Months Old

Even though Dakota is technically a 49ers fan, she gets to wear the colors for Dave’s favorite team (Denver Broncos) in honor of them making it to the Super Bowl.
10 months
Dakota was feeling extra energetic today, so getting a good picture was a bit of a challenge. I’ve included some outtakes at the bottom, but first here are the past even-numbered months:
eight months
six months
four months
two months
Dakota was fascinated with the tummy sticker this month, and no amount of distraction or redirection would deter her. Really I know I’ve been lucky to have made it this long with her being so cooperative. I’m just glad that the next two month’s photos will fall on Saturdays so I will have help.
sticker crumple
I almost just used one of these as the “official” monthly photo. So cute:
sticker play
But then we came to the part where she tore the sticker in half and started to eat it:
sticker eat
And so the photo shoot ended. 🙂


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  1. Lol… Same thing happened with Hayden…once she started to be able to sit up by herself all of her pictures were her sitting up once she figured out how to tear apart the numbers of became almost impossible to maintain. The whole second year of pictures have not involved numbers for that reason;-)

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