Mal: One Month Old

Mal is a month old, hurray!

mal 1 month

He’s not quite as big as Dakota was at one month, but he’s certainly trying to look it with that double chin. 🙂

I’m still taking pictures in the living room, but I laid the (awesome handmade gift) blanket in the middle of the floor instead of on the couch, in the hopes of somewhat more even light. And while the legwarmers were fun for Dakota, I figure there’s enough going on with this new blanket so I’ll keep the clothing super simple this time.

I do have a stuffed animal for his pictures, but I completely forgot about it until I went back and looked at Dakota’s one month photo. Curses! But I’m not going for perfection here, and I’m happy with the shot I got, so I’m not going to drive myself crazy trying over and over. I’ll just have to remember for next month. 🙂


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