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On the Needles, on the Hook

Ah ha! a new opportunity for blog fodder, with the added bonus of hopefully inspiring me to actually finish more of my yarn projects!

I haven’t managed to get motivated to do much knitting or crocheting since Dakota was born, Especially when the wool diaper cover I was knitting her was comically too small within a few weeks. 😦 I never even finished the leg cuffs, as I realized her chubby thighs wouldn’t even fit through the openings.

Wool diaper cover

It looks pretty slick though, so I’m thinking I’ll undo it and maybe try for some knit pants with the same yarn. Here it is with Dakota as a size reference. I know knit stuff is stretchy, but not that stretchy. 😉

Wool diaper cover 2

I also was in the midst of making a bunch of wool dryer balls. I have no idea if these things really reduce drying time, but I got the cheapest possible wool yarn (with an omnipresent coupon of course) and rolled quick balls, and then crocheted around the outside so they wouldn’t come apart in the wash. And then both the dog and the baby decided they’re great toys, so I haven’t actually gotten around to trying them out in the wash! I still have one more to do just to use up the yarn, but maybe I’ll get some fun colored yarn and make some more just for the baby to play with. I did a really ugly job on the crochet since they will felt up in the wash, but if I do something multicolored I might need to try a little harder to keep my stitches even..

wool dryer balls

My new project is a knit xmas stocking for Dakota. I picked yet another pattern with wool that is meant to be felted, so again it doesn’t really matter how ugly my stitches are. Dave wasn’t a fan of a contrasting color for the heel or the toe, so it’s just an off-white cuff and a green body. Maybe every year I can add a little bit of embroidery or applique to it… Dream big, right? 🙂

Knit stocking

I do have one last thing I’m knitting, and it’s double-knit, so my progress is slooowwwwww. I think it’ll be done in time for xmas though! I can’t go into too much detail since it’s a present, but here’s a little teaser:

double knit

That’s all for now! Hopefully with the xmas stuff out of the way I can have new projects for more blog fodder next month.