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A few house presents

My sister Sharon got into the housewarming spirit with my xmas presents… First we have the “I’d never buy it for myself, but it’s totally cute” lawn gnome:

(I can't decide if the anime eyes are creepy or not...)

I set him up between the two lavender plants right where our driveway meets our front walk.

He looks pretty happy there. But then he got rained on that night, so he may be less happy now.

Sharon also got us a “I’d totally buy this for myself but I’d never admit it” Angry Birds pillow:

The camera loves this thing. I even post-processed it to make it look LESS neon green...

Anyway, we also got lots of other awesome stuff from various family members, so don’t feel too unloved, family. I just can’t really justify devoting a post to how much I love chocolate. The more practical presents will probably be making appearances soon though. 🙂