Monthly Archives: November 2009

Thanksgiving ’09

This was pretty much our first Thanksgiving with just the two of us. Happily, it ended up being pretty fun, but I’d still much rather share the BEST MEAL OF THE YEAR with more loved ones. We decided to keep it simple, and cooked cornish game hens rather than trying to wrestle with more turkey than we’d be able to eat. We also made good use of the crock pot for some spiced sweet potatoes, and cooked up some green beans. Not pictured was the cranberry sauce (very tart, but quite good with the birds), Dave’s cranberry bread (delicious as always), and pumpkin pie (almond meal crust needs some tweaking).

The cranberry sauce, which we were rather undecided on, ended up tasting awesome when we ate it with fried bacon the next day. But then again, everything tastes awesome with bacon.


Meet the kittens

We have two new additions to the household, as of July 2009. Pollux is the gray and white:

Castor is the black and white:

Callie seems to mostly tolerate them:

We love the boys very much, and they seem pretty happy to be with us. 🙂