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Dakota: Four Years Old!

The photo was just a month late. ha. The interview only just happened this week though…

What is your favorite color? Pink,  purple, and orange

What is your favorite animal? Bunny rabbits

What is your favorite book? Elmo

What is your favorite TV show? Masha and the Bear

What is your favorite movie? Frozen [still some prompting required to explain the difference between a TV show and a movie]

What is your favorite song? “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana

What is your favorite food? Mint chocolate chip ice cream

What is your favorite drink? Chocolate milkshake

What is your favorite clothes? Shark dress [she was wearing it when I asked, may have answered differently if she was dressed differently]

What is your favorite game? Sago Mini Pet Cafe [a mobile app that she just downloaded a few days ago]

What is your favorite toy? Unicorn stuffy

Who is your best friend?  Aria and Kimberly

What is your favorite thing to do? Playing pretend

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Playing basketball

What is your favorite holiday? Valentine’s Day

Where is your favorite place to go? Swim class

What do you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut

What did you do on your birthday? Eat cake

Dakota helped decorate the shirt this time. 🙂 Past years:

3 years

2 year

1 year


Mal: One Year Old!

And now to execute my new master plan of keeping the kid progress photos going entirely on my phone. No more fancy camera and downloading and editing on my computer and all that jazz. So here we are! Of course the photo was taken 3 weeks late and it’s been several more months since then, but whatever! Keep the dream alive! 🙂

(Link to Dakota at one year.)

Mal’s Monthly Photos Combined

I went back through Mal’s photos and redid the cropping so that they were all the same size. It was much easier compared to Dakota’s since the background blanket had a repeating pattern on it. If I ever do this again I’m just going to throw a yardstick in the photos, that’ll make it super simple. 🙂

mal 1 year combined

Here’s Dakota’s:

Combined Photos

And here’s Mal’s 1 month and 12 month next to each other. Spoiler alert: He got bigger!!

mal 1 month 049Mal 12 months 019

Mal: Twelve Months Old

Woo-hoo I managed all 12 months! This last one was actually taken just 3 days late, but then it took me another 3 months to get it off my camera. Sigh.

Mal 12 months

(previous even months)

Mal 10 monthsMal 8 monthsmal 6 monthsMal 4 monthsmal 2 months

(Here’s the link to Dakota at 12 months)

Mal: Eleven Months Old

Hurray! This pic was only 6 days late. I might even be on a trajectory of taking his 1 year photo on is actual birthday! (Ha. Ha. Suuuurreee.)

Mal 11 months

(Previous odd months)

Mal 9 months

mal 7 months

mal 5 months

mal 3 months

mal 1 month

(Dakota at 11 months)

Mal: Ten Months Old

Almost caught up. Here’s Mal at “10 months” (Taken on 12/21, so 19 days late. Still got it done though!):

Mal 10 months
(Previous even months)

Mal 8 months

mal 6 months

Mal 4 months

mal 2 months

(Here’s the link for Dakota at 10 months.)


Mal: Nine Months Old

Still playing catch-up. Here he is at 9 months (taken on 11/18, so 16 days late, yeesh):

Mal 9 months
(Previous odd months)

mal 7 months

mal 5 months

mal 3 months

mal 1 month

(Dakota at 9 months)

Mal: Eight Months Old

Oh dear I’ve fallen behind. I did manage to get a photo every month… some were a bit late, but still every month… but I’m way behind in posting. So I’ll just take care of that really quick now before Mal turns 1.  Here he is at 8 months (taken on 10/9, so a “mere” 7 days late, lol):

Mal 8 months

(Previous even months)

mal 6 months

Mal 4 months

mal 2 months

(Dakota at 8 months.)



Dakota: 3 years, 6 months

This kid!! You may notice the hair cut, that actually happened awhile ago and then I trimmed it again just in the past month.

In other news, I’ve been keeping the cropping on the photos consistent by counting the bricks on the fireplace… looks like I’ll have to crop less for the next photo…

dakota 3 years 6 months

2 years 6 months

1 year 6 months


Mal: Seven Months Old

For the record I actually took this photo on 9/9, so it’s only a week late.

I didn’t really get a “perfect” (read: baby more or less centered, in focus, number visible) shot this month, especially since my bestickered “helper” Dakota was in almost every shot. But I had a lot of charmingly imperfect shots to chose from, and this one came pretty close:

mal 7 months

And here are the rest of the odd numbered months:

mal 5 months

mal 3 months

mal 1 month

(And here’s a link to Dakota’s 7 month picture.)