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Ceiling Paint is Happening

I’m doing it. I’m painting the ceilings. The catalyst is that I want to put in crown molding sometime soon, but I can’t just spiff up the edges of the ceilings when they’re really just a mess everywhere else… Like in the bedroom where the smoke detector is now on the wall above the door, but clearly it used to be on the ceiling:

Ceiling 005

(Um, were the ceilings tan-colored at some point?)

And in the living room there used to be a (non-structural) crack with a mismatched patch job. I got the drywall guy in to redo the texture so it’s waaaayyyy less noticeable, (This picture was taken with the camera flash, which makes it stand out way more than it does in person) but now it’s just bare spackle with no paint at all:

Ceiling 006

And let’s not forget the weird different color ceiling in the kitchen:

Ceiling 003

Oh, and did I mention half the ceilings in the house have semigloss paint? The glare drives me to distraction.

So I pulled out all the light colored paint test pots we had and did a bunch of samples in the living room:

ceiling 008

None of them are quite right so I carted home a bunch more paint sample cards and taped them up. We’ve narrowed it down a lot, but I’m pretty sick of comparing “slightly purplish white” with “slightly bluish white” and “different slightly bluish white”, so I’m just going to leave them up while I finish prepping and then make a snap decision and have NO REGRETS!!!

Ceiling 001

My next post will hopefully be about how tired my shoulders are and how I can’t see because of the paint splatters in my eyes. Oh yes. 😉

Apologies for not bothering to white balance the pictures. I realize in this instance a bit of white balancing might have actually been helpful since we’re dealing with many shades of not-quite-white, but I just can not be inspired to spend much time spiffing up a bunch of pictures of my ceilings.


Dakota: 1 Year, 2 Months


She’s another month older. I painted some butterfly wings onto the “1”, added a 2 and an “s” onto the “month” part, and voila! 🙂 I could probably turn the 2 into something fun next month, but I think I’ll just move to a fresh shirt instead.

1 year 2 months

Past months:

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