Monthly Archives: March 2011

Painting the bedroom

Yes, we’re FINALLY painting the master bedroom. We probably should be cleaning up the rest of the house and unpacking the many, many boxes that remain, but I just can’t handle the beige anymore.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll finish today, seeing as how it’s 6pm and we aren’t done priming yet. It was a big hassle to pile everything in the middle of the room, too. Ah well, at least the walls won’t be beige any more.


Kitchen walls, take 2

I think we found the color we were looking for, finally.

It’s the one on the lower right in that picture. It’s hard to tell on my iPhone, but it’s a purplish grey. The picture below shows the color a bit better I hope, plus it shows the green wall to the right that it needs to not clash with.

We’ll be tackling the master bedroom walls first, since we already bought the paint we need. But soon, kitchen. Very soon.

Shower curtain

We got a long fabric shower curtain for the hallway bathroom and hung it up right away. Unfortunately that night I awoke to a crash and the pitter-patter of kitty feet. The next morning, this is what I found:


I hung it back up and so far there hasn’t been a recurrence. I suppose having your climbing surface cone crashing down may deter you from trying to climb it again. It’s good to know that we have some climbers in the house before I try hanging real curtains though.


Slightly less empty wall…

We’re still not entirely sure what we’re doing with this wall in the dining room. Mirrors? Shelves? Both? But now it has a clock. Yup.

Moving day

Long day, made manageable barely by Pradeep and Dave being superhuman and amazing. I managed to snap some pics after Pradeep had to leave…

Loki was pretty exhausted from constantly running in and out as we moved things.

That refrigerator (dubbed “The Behemoth”) was the toughest to move. Unfortunately, it picked up some ugly scratches and scrapes. It already had some dings since it was an outlet buy, so we aren’t too upset. It fits perfectly in the space though!

The dining table is a bit too big for the space, so we’re going to see about putting in built-in benches along the wall so it can cozy up more tightly and leave room to walk by. Mainly I included this picture because of the awesome camera flash effect on Loki’s eyes.

We had originally bought this inexpensive rug for the dining room in the place we were renting. It didn’t look very good though, and with a new puppy needing potty training, we just rolled it up and never looked at it again. I had been planning to sell it on Craigslist, but we unrolled it to see what size rug we’d want to get for the living room. It turns out that I like it a whole lot exactly as it is. Yay. It’s sisal so it should hold up pretty well… The picture doesn’t really do it justice.

Closet progress

There hasn’t been anything exciting to report, since we’ve mostly just been packing in preparation for the truck we’re renting tomorrow. We did manage to get our closet installed though. We originally got it as a present (thanks mom!) and installed in our apartment in Berkeley. But we managed to keep all of the pieces together when we moved, so putting it up here was actually pretty easy. All we ended up needing to buy were some drywall anchors. (Though we may eventually buy more drawers or shelves… we’ll see.)

You can sort of see in the last picture how badly we need to knock out that partial wall blocking the left side of the closet. That part of the closet is pretty inaccessible as it is currently. Anyway, the pictures are pretty crappy, but it’s not like the subject matter is particularly riveting anyway, so I figure it’s okay. 🙂

Action shots

Dave works more efficiently I guess, so he has time to take pictures…

Dimmers Begone!

Soooo much better than before.

Painting update, at last!

Well, it took 3 weekends, but we finally finished painting the living room, dining room, and hallway, which are all of the areas that we’re paint green. We ran into a big issue where our original paint color, of which we only bought a gallon, was discontinued. Oops! So we’re sticking to Behr paint from now on. Anyway, the color difference between the hallway (with the new paint) and the living room is pretty minuscule. In fact the changing lights and shadows end up making more of a difference in color in different areas of the room than the new paint does, so we’re not too concerned. Here is how it looked before:

After a coat of primer:

And after we finished:

Sorry the pics were taken at different angles and with different lighting, we’re new to the whole “before and after” thing. Hopefully you can tell that the walls are now green, at least. On that last shot of the hallway, the wall to the left (with the wall heater) is the original green and the wall to the right is the new green. It looks okay in picture form at least… 🙂

The electrical plates were painted too, an they were still drying when we left, which is why they aren’t back on the walls yet. The baseboards and windowsills are already white, but the door trim and the doors themselves were all the same cream color as the original walls. Once we finally finish painting all the walls in the house, the trim and doors (and those dark brown built-in shelves in that last picture) will all get a coat or two of white.

Next up we need to pick kitchen colors. Unfortunately the colors that looked like a muted bluish/grayish purple in the store look PURPLE on our walls:

So we’re going to go back and try some really muted, slightly purplish gray. The cabinets are eventually going to get painted white.