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Quick, Cheap Advent Calendar

We procrastinate on everything, so on December 3 when I was suddenly struck with the idea of making our own advent calendar, (I blame Pinterest) I was not at all deterred by the fact that we were already 3 days late. So I stopped by the drugstore and picked up $4 worth of holiday greeting cards and $10 worth of chocolate. My plan was simple enough: number the envelopes and tape them up on the wall in the shape of a tree.

Adent Calendar construction

I was hoping for more colorful envelopes, but for $2 for a pack of 15 cards/envelopes, I’m not complaining. My backup plan was to pull the greeting cards out each day to slowly make the tree more colorful. Here’s how it looked right after I finished my taping job:

Advent Calendar Ready to Go

The white envelopes each have an individually wrapped chocolate square in them. The red envelopes were too small to fit any chocolates into. Here’s how it looks today:


And here’s a wider view. It’s watching benevolently over our dining table:
Dining Room Advent Calendar

Yup, and there’s our excuse to add a little extra chocolate into each day this month.