Holiday Decorations, Part 2

When I saw this light-up penguin, I knew we had to have it:

(Loki was a bit freaked out when he first saw it.)

I wish I could say I was really cool and made it myself, but no, it was just a totally-worth-it splurge. đŸ™‚ It has a strand of white lights strung up inside to light it up, and we’re contemplating doing some surgery and replacing the old-school lights with LEDs. It shouldn’t be all that hard, the way they’re attached.

And then there’s our monster wreath:

(I'm pretty sure there's still a door behind it somewhere...)

Most of the wreaths we were seeing in stores were either pretty small (and by small I mean normal-sized) or already decked out in red decorations. But I held out, and finally found a wreath I approved of. I added the silver and blue parts, and we hung it!! It hasn’t fallen off so far, and the door still swings normally, so I’m calling it a success. here’s the front of the house all put together:

(And I'm finally getting better at photo editing, so the entire front patio isn't gloomy shadow.)


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  1. Normal lights last at most 2 years, so just wait and replace with LEDs after too many of the old ones have failed. LEDs should then last until you get bored with the penguin or it gets too shabby.

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