Dakota: Three Months Old

I would say something cliche about how quickly the time flies, but really, it’s felt like about three months. 🙂 Dakota continues to be very big for her age, which leads to awkward conversations with other new moms… Everyone comments on how big she is, but almost everything I say in response makes it sound like I’m bragging, even though I don’t really even see it as something to brag about? Now I mostly just stick with “it’s genetic” and leave it at that. Ah well, on to the picture!

three months

And the first two months:

two months

one month

We probably could have teased a big smile out of her if we had wanted to, but she was super chill and relaxed, so we just went with it. In fact, she fell asleep while we were putting the camera stuff away:

sleepy time

And I finally remembered to get a “behind the scenes” shot, not that there’s too much to see:

photo shoot

This month we opened the front door to add just a bit more ambient light. I think it helped!



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  1. The fire lizard is getting smaller.

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