Quick Decorating

I was totally going to blow off my second post for this week, but it’s way too early to be failing at my two-a-week goal! But I’m just going to keep this simple.

I haven’t been feeling very inspired for decorations lately, but I’ve acquired enough over the past few years to have a whole storage tub labeled “Fall Decorations”. So right before heading down to LA I pulled the tub into the living room and suggested that Julie throw something together. Here’s what she came up with:

Halloween Decorations

This built-in shelf is probably going to be the only spot for dedicated decorations at least until we get past the toddler stage, so I actually went in after she was done and squeezed some non-fall related stuff in to make room elsewhere in the house for more practical stuff.

Here’s the front patio:

Halloween front door
Hopefully those pumpkins will actually get carved, because that’ll give me material for another blog post. 🙂 The chrysanthemums already lost all of their flowers, (sigh, I probably didn’t water enough after potting them) so I pruned them and they get to just be little bushes for the time being.

I’ll probably bring out the pumpkin head lights for the 31st, but seriously, I’m just not getting the decorating bug so far this year. So thank you Julie for making it happen!

And since I must include a photo of the baby, here she is this morning trying avocado for the first time. I’m not sure she likes it. (yet)

Baby avocado


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  1. Where is the obligatory Dakota picture???

  2. (You are also free to add Kirsten, Dave, and even Julie pictures!)

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