Miter Saw Table and Garage Shelves

Dave took the momentum from building the shed and is totally running with it to make the garage much more organized and useable.

I looove our miter saw because it is compound, meaning it can cut really wide boards. Unfortunately it also needs a really deep worktop to sit on. The existing counter top that I assume was from our kitchen pre-remodel wasn’t really deep enough. So I found some plans that are technically for a portable worktop, (that one could take to construction sites and such) complete with an inset area for the miter saw so that any boards being cut are supported all along their length. Dave modified the plans to fit our space and….

Miter saw table

Tada! Super secure miter saw setup, bolted into the original counter top.

Miter saw

I’m not sure what I want to put in the little cubbies, maybe scrap wood? If nothing else they’re a convenient place to clamp things…

Dave also set up some deep shelves on the other side of the garage above the chest freezer and sink. It used to look like this:

Empty garage wall

And now it looks like this!

Deep shelves

He got all fancy and hung them using aircraft cable in the front, so he didn’t have to put legs underneath them. The cables connect to the rafters up top:

Aircraft cable

And the shelves are also screwed into horizontal cleats in the back:

Setting up the shelves

I immediately threw all our camping stuff up there. It feels so nice to get that up and out of the way! We still need to figure out more efficient storage for some of our bigger construction stuff, like the air compressor and the shop vac. But we’re making a lot of progress!



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