Painting update, at last!

Well, it took 3 weekends, but we finally finished painting the living room, dining room, and hallway, which are all of the areas that we’re paint green. We ran into a big issue where our original paint color, of which we only bought a gallon, was discontinued. Oops! So we’re sticking to Behr paint from now on. Anyway, the color difference between the hallway (with the new paint) and the living room is pretty minuscule. In fact the changing lights and shadows end up making more of a difference in color in different areas of the room than the new paint does, so we’re not too concerned. Here is how it looked before:

After a coat of primer:

And after we finished:

Sorry the pics were taken at different angles and with different lighting, we’re new to the whole “before and after” thing. Hopefully you can tell that the walls are now green, at least. On that last shot of the hallway, the wall to the left (with the wall heater) is the original green and the wall to the right is the new green. It looks okay in picture form at least… 🙂

The electrical plates were painted too, an they were still drying when we left, which is why they aren’t back on the walls yet. The baseboards and windowsills are already white, but the door trim and the doors themselves were all the same cream color as the original walls. Once we finally finish painting all the walls in the house, the trim and doors (and those dark brown built-in shelves in that last picture) will all get a coat or two of white.

Next up we need to pick kitchen colors. Unfortunately the colors that looked like a muted bluish/grayish purple in the store look PURPLE on our walls:

So we’re going to go back and try some really muted, slightly purplish gray. The cabinets are eventually going to get painted white.


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