Closet progress

There hasn’t been anything exciting to report, since we’ve mostly just been packing in preparation for the truck we’re renting tomorrow. We did manage to get our closet installed though. We originally got it as a present (thanks mom!) and installed in our apartment in Berkeley. But we managed to keep all of the pieces together when we moved, so putting it up here was actually pretty easy. All we ended up needing to buy were some drywall anchors. (Though we may eventually buy more drawers or shelves… we’ll see.)

You can sort of see in the last picture how badly we need to knock out that partial wall blocking the left side of the closet. That part of the closet is pretty inaccessible as it is currently. Anyway, the pictures are pretty crappy, but it’s not like the subject matter is particularly riveting anyway, so I figure it’s okay. 🙂


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