Just Some Flower Pots

The front door/patio is still pretty boring at the moment, and I wanted to bring in some flower pots to sit on either side of the front stoop. There isn’t a whole lot of space between the step and the railing on the right, but I eventually found some inexpensive plastic pots that were the right size. Unfortunately they were a pretty boring color:

flower pots before

Matte black with some silver “highlights” so it looks a little more like metal and a little less like plastic. And there weren’t any drainage holes in the bottom, which I fixed right away.

I picked out some “outdoor” spray paint… it claimed to be all-surface but recommended a plastic spray paint primer if I wanted to use it on plastic. Easy enough! A couple coats of primer and a few of spray paint, and the hardest part was waiting for them to dry between coats. Behold:

flower pot after

Oh, yeah, and I picked up chrysanthemums to actually put in the pots. They have so many great color options… these were labeled “bronze”. Nice. And I loooovvveee the blue spray paint color. I may have to buy more if my swing set refurbishing makes it as far as the painting stage. Here’s the patio withe the new flower pots:

patoi with flower pots

They’re a little low and small looking, but you can see that with the space I had to work with on the right I couldn’t have gone much bigger. And I didn’t want something tall and skinny, so these are just what I wanted. They’re so cheerful once you get up onto the patio:

flower pots

The biggest problem is that the doormat is looking rather dingy in comparison. Sounds like I should go find a new doormat! 🙂

I have bigger things that I still want to do to the front patio: Paint the door red, switch up the columns and railings for something all geometrical and fancy, tile the concrete… But I fear commitment and I fear screwing up. So in the short term I’ll just keep adding fun decorations when the mood strikes.


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