Dakota: Eleven Months Old

I went 10 months straight without forgetting to take a picture on the actual day of Dakota’s monthly birthday, but alas my streak has ended. So yes, sadly this picture was taken a day late. (and the actual blog post is two days late! Horror!) The world didn’t come to an end and I’m not being booed in the streets, so I guess it’s not really a big deal. 😉

eleven months

Previous odd numbered months:

nine months

seven months

five months

three months

one month

It’s hard to get a picture of her grinning while holding still, as evidenced by this foot-flailing shot. I wanted to include it to show off her lovely teeth though:

big smile

Here’s last month’s photo.

I’ve loved doing this so I definitely plan to continue the monthly photos beyond one year. I’m tossing around a few ideas to hopefully simplify the process and maximize my chance of actually succeeding… I’m definitely not getting any more leg warmers though. 12 is plenty, even for me!


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