Dakota: 1 year, 3 months

new shirt this month! I just rotated the colors, boooring.

She can kinda understand that I want her to stay on the fireplace, but she seemed absolutely sure that she should be sitting. I managed to get her to stand mostly by standing on the fireplace myself and then racing back to my spot and trying to get some pictures before she sat down again. Asking “How big is Dakota?” helped delay her sitting a little. It worked out nicely since this has been one of her favorite games for the past month, so it’s great to preserve the moment so appropriately. 🙂

1 year 3 months

Past months:

1 year 2 months

1 year 1 month

1 year

And just for fun, Dakota thinks it’s hysterical to charge at me when she sees me with the camera, mostly because I shriek while vainly attempting to adjust the focus. ha. ha.

charge the camera

ham it up


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